Sunday, 15 June 2014

Prelude to What is to Be

So this is how it begins.

Disseminating thoughts to anyone and everyone who is literate. 

Hello future me... why am I doing this, you ask? 
Well, here's an interesting fact. Growing up, I used to keep a diary and then I graduated to blogspot; 
I feel as though I could remember everything back then as clearly as if they happened yesterday. 

I've always had this knack for erasure. I have an aptitude for identity destruction; not physically breaking things (although that has happened) but deleting things, throwing out objects and items of sentimental value. Materiality and ownership of these 'things' never really struck a chord with me while I grew up. I suppose I felt that these sentimental 'things' would bind me and shape me into a fixed form, someone mundane and boring, doomed to be stuck with a static personality.

But lately everything has been a bit of a blur. I feel as though I have been overly complacent with the things I do, the people I meet and my recollection of things.. and more importantly, the things I say and the thoughts I make. Premature opinions, overly melancholic perceptions, warped deductions. I am putting them out on the table.

 I definitely do not want to find myself, decades later, on a bench, in a park all white haired and oblivious to everything that has happened to me.

Every now and then I am enveloped in fleeting moments of nostalgia when I stumble across an old memory which strikes me as hilarious in retrospect and I would also love to keep these here. Who knows, I might decide to publish a scandalous, tell-all autobiography some time in the future. 

So yes, future me. take note;

-This is another beginning of you and the different people you may or may not become.

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